Bay Tree Cottage

Completing on my house sale four days before the Covid19 Lockdown was put in place in the UK was incredibly lucky – but the country I was moving to had already closed its borders and I was left stranded. Staying with relatives or friends for a few days is one thing – but landing on them for a long but unspecified stretch of time, knowing that everyone would be stuck inside for 23 hours a day is something else.

Fortunately, I found Bay Tree Cottage on the internet and sent a message asking if I could come at short notice, for a month? A prompt response in the affirmative was the result, and so I came to stay in this delightful little house.

It was the perfect sanctuary for me, all I could possibly want was there, from every kitchen utensil under the sun to an excellent wifi connection. The comfortable bedroom overlooked a neighbour’s magnolia tree that went from bare to bud, then full flower to leafy canopy, as the weeks wore on. The spacious bathroom had a bath and a shower with plenty of hot water and reliable water pressure. In the cosy living room there was a dining table and a desk as well as an alcove cupboard stocked up with books and games. As it was Lockdown I was unable to take advantage of the large collection of leaflets informing guests of local places of interest, but I could sit in the very private garden at the rear of the house to top up my vitamin D and go for a stroll around the village and its environs which are varied, attractive and well worth exploring. I think I had been there a fortnight before I found myself repeating a walk, so many possibilities exist in that small space.

My hosts, Louise and Tom, were kindness personified and regularly came to check up on me from a safe distance. There were no major problems to deal with but a couple of minor glitches (one with the wifi and one involving an over zealous swarm of wasps attempting to nest in the garden area) were dealt with immediately and efficiently.

Bay Tree Cottage was my sanctuary, so it will always have a place in my heart. And the next time I manage to get back to see friends and family, I know where I’ll be hoping to stay.